Spring 2018

New girls with us TEGAN NORRY SANITACTEAM DAY (Dewmist Scottsville & Dyana Sanitacteam Day) MERIBELL SANITACTEAM DAY (Paddy Sanitacteam Day & Dewmist Donnaliza) New mating  Fanchy & [...]

Report 2017

It was a year with many pleasant and sad surprises. SUNNYFIELD’S WINNIE’S PRINCESS (Dewmist Harlequin & Winnie Sanitacteam Day) bred by Judit Beke came to us from Hungary, to join her grand [...]

News 2017

SHOW RESULTS - IDS: Topola, S.Sancanin SRB / Skopje, I.Drobnjak MNE & B.Pancev MK / Pljevlja, V.Mudresa MNE . B.Polje, P.Marino I / Skopje, Z.Roknic SRB & Z.Stevanovic SRB, NDS: Arandjelovac, [...]

My Goldens

CAN NOT IMAGINE LIFE WITHOUT THEIR LOVE AND FRIENDSHIPS! A lot of happiness, painful lost, selection, nice puppies, good owners…A lot of results in the field exams & dog shows…A lot of certified [...]

Report 10 years

Champions bred / owned by Sanitacteam Day, ICh, JCh ChSrb ChMne ChMK ChSt.Marino KANNA SANITACTEAM DAY, ICh, JCh ChSrb,ChMne GALENA SANITACTEAM DAY, ICh, JCh ChSrb, ChMne ...

Report 2016

KENNEL 2016… 2 new LITTERS … 3 new ICh… 2 new CRUFTS QUALIFICATIONS. Makanna Trixie Sanitacteam Day with company, El Magnifico Sanitacteam Day with a company, Visiting Crufts...

News 2016

SHOW RESULTS - IDS: Topola, S,Sancanin SRB / Sabac, V.Vitkova I / Kraljevo, S.Kitanovic SRB / Budva, A.Krstic SRB / Canj, Z.Mitrovic SRB / Soko Banja, D.Janjic SRB / Ohrid, J.Serafimov MK & [...]

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