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For announced “Sanitacteam Day“ litter ____________________________________


Our breeding philosophy is based on deep analysis, control and detailed planning on bloodline, type, overlook, character, temperament, current / hereditary health, blood genetic tests, working ability, show title…all of them have pedigree evidence on www.k9data.com.

We kindly ask every owner to use official name written in pedigree during the public promotion. If they have a special nickname they can add it bellow

We are able to deliver puppies to their lifetime home outside Serbia with International Health Certificate, export pedigree, all document necessary for full breeding rights and registration on different national Kennel Club. We use to work with experienced and professional shipping companies having references all over the world.

To reserve your puppy. You are welcome to fill in our WAITING LIST to express your interest and to start with communication. We appreciate to let us know more about puppy you are interested for as well as more about future life you are ready to provide. During the time we will answer all your questions.  Reservation DEPOSIT 200 Euro is refundable until end of 6th  week

To pick up your puppy: Puppy is earlier ready for a new home at the end of 8th week. Date for pick up puppy will be specified well in addvanse. In the case you pick him up latter we will provide a full pension care (10-15 Euro /day). Puppy will be followed by: FCI pedigree / Health Booklet, & Breeder’s Report

 Official export to       MK / MNE / BHR / US  – puppy oldness 3.5 – 4.5 months

EU / UAE – puppy oldness over 7 months :

 Current rules: Rabies -3m+1d / FAVN -4 m+2d taking a blood sample / 3m after the positive FAVN we will be able to apply for export permission to the Serbian Government Authority. You will get official import documents & Export pedigree.

Important: It is advisable to make consultation with your veterinarian beforehand. In the case you want a shorter delivery it is necessary to coordinate the views of your and our veterinarian

Full name:                                                       _____________________________

Already have a dog                                         _____________________________

Full post address                                             _____________________________

Phone / email                                                  _____________________________

Veterinarian name/phone                             _____________________________

Puppy classification                                                pet             showing            breeding

Do you prefer?                                                                    male             female

All family members agree?                                                     yes       no

Do you already have a dog?                                       no        one         two          more

Where puppy is going to live?                                    inside                           outside

Available daily time for dog                                        1hour      2hours          more

Some specified explanations?                         __________________________________

Some specified questions?                              __________________________________







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