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It was a year with many pleasant and sad surprises

SUNNYFIELD’S WINNIE’S PRINCESS (Dewmist Harlequin & Winnie Sanitacteam Day) bred by Judit Beke came to us from Hungary, to join her grand father Dewmist Scottsville and grand mother Dewmist Donnaliza.

FANNIE AT SANITACTEAM DAY (Waldo Sanitacteam Day & Elisia Forest of Tomic), bred by Zijad Smajic came to us from Bosnia and Herzegovina, to join her grand parents Dewmist Scottsville & Dewmist Donnaliza

EL MAGNIFICO SANITACTEAM DAY (Fiveshill Gabiela & Moondust Highlander) made great show results Ch SRB/MK/MNE

MAKKANA TRIXIE SANITACTEAM DAY (Raymond Sanitacteam Day & Kanna Sanitacteam Day) made great show results with Ch SRB/MK/MNE

GEPETTO SANITACTEAM DAY (Asterix De Ria Vela & Simonis Gabi) was CRUFT’S 2018 qualified

CAROLINA SANITACTEAM DAY (Raymond Sanitacteam Day & Dewmist Donnaliza) was CRUFT’S 2018 qualified


RAYMOND SANITACTEAM DAY (The Race Of Sun De Ria Vela & Simonis Gabi) reach condition for ICh. FCI diploma will come next year



Report 2017

CARRICK DE PARMEN AURIU (Zorba Mediguard & Jolly Mediguard) left us after 12,5 years of frienddhip, loyality, happiness…

Report 2017

Lovely cat himself came and all happy is staying with us

DYANA SANITACTEAM DAY & DEWMISY SCOTTSVILLE got lovely puppies – 4 boys / 7 girls

PADDY SANITACTEAM DAY & DEWMIST DONNALIZA got adorable puppies 6 boys / 2 girls

Usual daily activities at home…

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