Puppy Reservation

All our dogs / puppies have available k9 five generation pedigree as a document of their origin and hereditary data of ancestors. Our bred combinations are based on controlled, deep analysis of type, overlook, character, temperaments, current health, hereditary health (HD/ED/PRA), bloodlines, working abilities, show titles…That way we follow, with respect, all reputable breeders and kennels our dogs originate from.

We are able to deliver our puppies all over the world to their lifetime home with International Health Certificate, export pedigree and documents for full breeding rights and registration on different national Kennel Club. We use to work with experienced and professional shipping companies

Upcoming litters are always advertised on our website. You are welcome to sign up PUPPY WAIT LIST to express interest, to start with communication and let us know more about your home and way of life you are going to provide. We are open to answer all questions you might be asking.

To book a puppy we kindly ask for WU or MoneyGram deposit 200 Euro refundable until puppy is 6 weeks.

To pick up puppy earlier at the end of of 8th week. Date for pick up puppy will be specified well in advanse. In the case you pick him up latter we will provide a pansion care. Puppy will be followed by: FCI pedigree / HEALTH booklet & BREDER’S REPORT about immunisation / deworming  / feeding / recommendations / potty trainning / socialisation / walk with leash / car driving / vet. ambulance examination /…

Please use contact form below to sign up for WAITING LIST.

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    Price List

    Price for our puppies, regularly protected against endo/ecto parasite, is formed based to their age (from 8w – to 16w) and some other facts:

    Puppy categorization:

    • pet class

    • show class

    • breeding class

    • socialisation

    • pet / show / breed

    • potty trainned

    • familiar with leash

    • car driving

    Puppy card:

    • vaccination level (V1, V2, V3, rabies, rabies serological test)

    • microchip

    • national /export pedigree

    • passport / travel documents

    • local / international health certificate

    Parents card:

    • K9 data five generation pedigree

    • health clearances (HD/ED/PRA)

    • working test

    • champion titles (National/International/ Multi/Crufts Qualification)


    • available shipping with reputable flight companies all around world

    • available with car shipping on Balkan region

    • preferable “by owner” shipping by car or by plane “pet in cabin”

    Note: The price includes a reservation deposit valid until the agreed deadline for taking the dog.

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