Kennel Sanitacteam Day got official breeding license and registration by Serbian Ministary of Agriculture & Veterinary Medicine (Reg.No04)

Kennel Sanitacteam Day founded NGO Golden Retriever Association SDWAY. Promoting Quality Assurance and control in all steps of breeding process, with help of Prof. Nikola Krstic and Prof.Nenad Andric, actuate some meetings with a health subject at the Faculty of Veterinarian Medicine in Belgrade. With help of FCI judge / breeder Dusko Jovanovic it was organized two puppy school courses.

Last Maltese Litters-Our lovely mums Bonnie Beah and Backy Brie are going to enjoy as a pets having retired rest of breeding

Norrybell Sanitacteam Day “Norry” (Xanthos Blaze of Glory & Splendid Star Trixie) & Simonis Dunny Dean (Erinderry King of the Blues & Astra of the Cedar Tree Star). Norry came from MNE for mating and stay with us until puppies left for a new homes. Female Dyana stays with us

GR-PRA1,2 n/n was confirmed by Animal Genetics (AG103772) for Sanitacteam Day dogs: Kanna, Gepetto, Galena, Robertina, Raymond, Paddy; for Dewmist dogs: Donnaliza and Scottsville; for Ester Heidi Angels of Baranya; PRA-PRCD clear (WT/WT) for Gepetto Sanitacteam Day (2014-02721) and for Simonis Dunny Dean (2014-02722)

HDA/EDO FCI certified results, for Sanitacteam Day dogs Ryamond, Robertina and Paddy, are obtained at Department of Radiology of the Faculty of Veterinarian Medicine, University in Belgrade, by professional team: Veterinary Ro technicians Sretko Malusev / Jagoda Potkonjak; sedation with a help of Prof. Vera Savic, PhD; results explanained and signed both by Prof. Nikola Krstic PhD & Prof.Mirjana Lazarevic Macanovic PhD

Dog Show results: Sanitacteam Day Gepetto, Galena, Raymond, Robertina becames Champions in beauty of Serbia; Dewmist Scottsville becomes Champion in Beauty of Serbia, Monte Negro and Bulgaria; Kanna Sanitacteam Day and Dewmist Donnaliza become Inter Champions in Beauty (we are still waiting for their diploma); Paddy Sanitacteanm Day becomes Champion in Beauty of Bulgaria

Litter L Simonis Gabi (Erinderry Night Dreamer & Astra of the Cedar Tree star ) Dewmist Salentino (Mitcharone Love Bug & Dewmist Serenissima)

Litter F Ester Heidi Angels of Baranya (Darrick De Parmen Auriu & Bruna Tena Retfala Mursa) & Dewmist Scottsville (Abinvale Traguardo & Dewmist Serenissima) Female Fraila stays with us

Litter W Dewmist Donnaliza (Dewmist Lawrence of Arabia & Dewmist Daisychain) & Dewmist Scottsville (Abinvale Traguardo & Dewmist Serenissima) Female Wee Hope and male Waldo stay with us

Citizen dogs, mum and children from three litters stil in front of our door for food and care…

Good buy my dearest, loved Timmy…good buy my joyous Zucko… good buy my,so loved, Dzeki…more than ten years beautiful life with us passed quickly… I am so sad with a feeling you left so early… living room seems empty without youR-012
Before leaving to their owners Sanitacteam Day puppies passed basic school of nice behavior based on proper communication with the owner

Same program will be applied in SDWAY puppy school that is going to start in September 20, 2014 at 12:00.