Our Golden females Simonis Gabi & Ester Heidi Angels of Baranya, as well as Maltese females Backie Brie &Bonnie Beah are retired. They gave us so beautiful puppies, now they deserve just to enjoy

Last several years our dogs were presented at GRC year books. First four years it was photos of our most loved Dewmist Dandy Knight, last three years there were published photos of Sanitacteam Day dogs: Kanna, Gepetto, Galena, Robertina, Raymond and Paddy – champions bred / owned by us

Seventh attend to Crufts. Enjoyable, educational, unforgettable… Always

Our Waldo Sanitacteam Day (Dewmist Donnaliza & Dewmist Scottsville) , overpowering boy

Our Wilma Sanitacteam Day (Dewmist Donnaliza & Dewmist Scottsville), strong girl

Lovely boys from Litter “V” ICh, MultiCh Dewmist Donnaliza & MultiCh Gepetto Sanitacteam Day

New music in our home

Our favorite female Robertina Sanitacteam Day – Fanny becomes Ch MKD andCh MNE

Our favorite male Gepetto Sanitacteam Day – Tinno becomes Ch MKD, Ch MNE. He is waiting for InterCh dyploma

Our veterans and active stud boys ICh Simonis Dunny Dean, TCh Carrick of Parmen Auriu, Ch Dewmist Scotsville-Teddy, MultiCh Gepetto Sanitacteam Day-Tinno, ChBG Paddy Sanitacteam Day-Pad and ChSrb Raymond Sanitacteam Day-Ray

Litter “M”- beautiful girl and boy by, our most loved, ICh, MultiCh Kanna Sanitacteam Day&ChSrb Raymond Sanitacteam Day

Five boys from Litter “E” given by ChSrb Fiveshill Gabriela & JChRo Moondust Highlander